Successful partnership and new investors

Space Fox Games, an indie video game developer and publisher, has invited new investors to join its shareholders. Thanks to the successful partnership with Pure Alpha Investments, the studio has received PLN one million. Space Fox Games is going to use this budget to finish its game RIN and start working on the production of a new title this year.

‘Our account has just been credited with one million zlotych as a result of an investment agreement signed this January. This capital injection has been made possible thanks to the great help from Pure Alpha Investments, which has also become our shareholder. We are very happy that new investors are expressing interest in the company. Their financial contribution will be allocated to the further development and promotion of our game portfolio. It is also worth noting that at this stage we are able to work on two projects simultaneously,’ says Aleksander Korulski, Space Fox Games CEO. 

Space Fox Games was founded in 2014. The studio first became known for its HOPA games. Several of its titles in this genre, such as Scarlett Mysteries and the Lost Grimoires series, were huge commercial hits. Currently, the company focuses, among others, on Metroidvania games. Its flagship project is RIN, in which the player will explore the game world and fight challenging enemies using unique magic combos. The studio’s team consists of game enthusiasts and industry experts with many years of experience. Space Fox Games is planning to make its debut on the NewConnect market within the next two years. 

Pure Alpha Investments is a professional entity that invests in technology companies, both those at the initial stage of development and fully developed ones already listed on public markets. One of its main principles is active participation in the business development of the entities it invests in. Pure Alpha Investments helps them define strategies, acquire contracts, employees, partners, and business consultants as well as go public.