RIN: The Last Child – Demo Available

We are proud to announce that the Demo version of our Metroidvania, RIN: The Last Child, is now available on Steam! After many months of work, we can finally share the free Demo with all players and Steam users. 

Free demo of RIN: The Last Child is now available on Steam!

Experience the beginnings of Rin’s story and accompany her on her journey. Rediscover your magic, create spells, and explore vast mythical lands as you uncover secrets hidden behind the Aspects of Magic. Try the magical adventure and visit the World of Rin!

  • Explore 3 different environments!
  • Discover the beginnings of Rin’s story!
  • Craft spells!
  • Defeat the miniboss!

We hope that you will enjoy the game. We look forward to your comments, suggestions and opinions. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated and will help us improve the final version of the game.

We’d like to provide lovers of the Metroidvania genre with the best magical experience. This is why we made the tough decision to delay the release to Q1 2023 in order to have more time for improvements. During this extra time we will polish the game and how it feels. Every opinion we received after the demo release is taken into account and we will try to address all of them in the coming months.

We believe that it is the best decision to make for now. Thank you for your patience and understanding.