About Us

Space Fox Games was established in 2014, under the name World-Loom Games, to be renamed Space Fox Games at the end of 2021. With a well-knit team and experience gathered over the years, we can’t wait to see what the future brings us.

We worked with several of the leading premium casual game publishers, such as iWin, GameHouse, Big Fish Games, Artifex Mundi, and Sheepyard.

We value teamwork, creativity, and courage to create something new within the genres we’re exploring in our works, while still having in mind that we are here to serve the players with the best game possible.

The future of Space Fox is bright as we’re working on an artistic and magical Metroidvania – Rin – which we believe will grant us our rightful place among other great game developers.


The studio aims to create impactful premium games with unforgettable gameplay.

Meet the team

Our team includes experienced veterans as well as some new faces in the industry, all connected by a common cause – to create games that matter.

Outside the office, and deep in our hearts, we’re simple gamers, a little nerdy about our varied hobbies, who catch up over some online multiplayer or offline board games from time to time.

Aleksander Korulski

Joanna Kadyszewska

Karolina Zduńska
Narrative Designer

Tomasz Przegiętka
Senior Unity Developer

Maciej Trzuskowski
Unity Developer

Olaf Biedrawa

Wojciech Czesak
Level Designer

Aleksandra Kazimierska
Art Lead / Senior 2D Artist

Magdalena Zagórna
2D Artist

Jakub Supeł
Lead Animator / FX Artist

Daniel Terlecki
FX Artist / Animator

Ola Mrozek
Junior Level Designer

Marta Świderska
Community Manager / QA

Marcin Pukaluk
Sound / SFX Artist

Anna Felczerek
Office Manager